At a rented mess of his own choice,
Inside his lonely ordinary room,
He is planning his dreams to come true,
His bed is laid down on the met on floor,
Waking up early at morning today,
As he does daily in his routine,
Offering his first prayer to God,
Bringing out books from his plastic bag,
He is busy in his deep study for next exam.
His life is full of examinations,
Through the way of struggle he proceeds,
But he never feels tired, he works hard,
Reading out page after page in loud voice,
He is practicing questions and answers,
He is so attentive that he has not noticed
That a mirror today is watching towards him
And his activity is reflected in this mirror,
This is the mirror of early morning,
Nature has fixed today for recording his duty.
Night has not gone completely from his room,
But early dawn has poured light of mercy on him,
His farmer father who resides in a far village,
He has sent his message through this dawn,
His hard working son reading it on page of book,
He has got confidence to pass in first class!
Early morning reflection of the mirror
Which we see is not a dream rather a reality,
God’s graceful light has fallen on him,
Nature has already sent a letter of success!
© Kumarmani Mahakul,23 January 2019. All rights reserved.

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