It’s like preferring crow for peacock as it’s more in number!
Separate script only can give natural identity to any language.
The same sort of thing is felt, if one common language is used
For administrative and working purposes though a nation has
Many languages for various States from the North to the South;
All will have aversion for it, if that is a northern language!
But the unique thing is that due to historical reason, English
Language has become a best world language for communication and
Exchange of all ideas according to the developments of world and
Technology faster and more suitable than all other languages..!
When this is so, if all States of a nation have separate language
Policy being followed in education, will one common language for
The whole nation be acceptable other than English in a multi-lingual
Nation with each language having five times less than English words?
Even smaller nations like Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia and also,
Canada have more than one language for communication and all business
Purposes making other nations to amend policy for the introduction of
Some major languages for the governance of the States in the world!
No one would like the imposition of one script or one language for
the people to follow for education, administration and communication
Purposes among the people of the nation or the world as that will
Curtain the liberty and rights of citizens of free democratic country!

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