Because of you so many mothers grieving for their children who now lay with the war dead
And because of you too many homes in rubble and because of you by far too much bloodshed.
You never can impose on us your values and our culture you could never understand
Your values to our values very different and you will never find a welcome in our Land
You’ve come to take the wealth out of our Country take what you want and then please leave us be
It is not for you for to decide our future it is we alone decide our destiny.
Because of you and your decade of sanctions so many young and innocents have died
And don’t think now that you’ve toppled our dictator that you are going to have us back on side
One well might say he has got his come uppance and everything will come to those who wait
And it is because that he is gone forever and not to welcome you we celebrate.
You have destroyed our historical old buildings that’s something that you never can replace
And your values will never be our values and your culture we never could embrace
We celebrate the departure of our despot the only reason we dance on the street
But you too have caused us hardships and much sufferings and it is not you that we sing and dance for to greet.
You have killed more of our people than our former dictator
And our Country never more to be the same
Thousands of our children have died due to your sanctions and for our sufferings you too must take some blame,
To your people you tell your side of the story but there is a view too from the other side
You too have killed by far too many people and because of you too many dreams destroyed.
We do thank you for toppling our dictator but your welcome you ought not to over stay
Your deadly bombs have brought us death and terror for so called freedom a huge price to pay
You never can impose on us your values and our cultures different in every way
And go back home now since your mission is accomplished for in our future you don’t merit a say.

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