For Nature’s creatures kill for survival if they don’t eat of hunger they will die
Those who say that birds and animals are cruel to each other are naive or preacing a lie,
The strongest male mates with the female his genes are destined to live on
His offspring will fight for a harem when he back to Nature has gone
‘Tis known as survival of the fittest it happens in Nature every day
The strongest one passes on his genes that does seem the natural way
Of insuring the survival of a species the weaker one never gets the chance to mate
He cannot hope to be a father his own image for to create
The big male who once ruled the harem in the bosom of Nature now lay
And his descendants now fight for their females ’tis the workings of Nature some say,
A law written by Mother Nature that the one with the most sexual drive
Is usually the biggest and strongest and his genes destined to survive.

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