I have to provide additional information here
that we think you are a very sporty person
in what way?
that you went back to the Netherlands yourself,
without being called by the vice-president,
your bags just put in Greece
and directly back again to the homeland with your family,
i’m imagining how that feels like,
the three young ladies already excited
for their vacation,
and had to come back abruptly,
your most appreciated deed:
your performance live on TV
about your mistake
that it is not right in the midst of just tightened corona rules,
the Dutch people have welcomed
your apologies
your sportive presentation
has made the Netherlands calm again,
and together we will resolutely fight
corona again,
together we can,
and not alone…
© Sylvia Frances Chan – All Rights Reserved
Thursday October 22,2020
This is a translation of the poem
Brief Aan De Koning Van Nederland….
Sylvia Frances Chan

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