Where he and Bina had lived for many years
Those who knew him will farewell him with tears.
So many years of time have ticked on by
Since the young Timmy Duggan he left Lisnaboy
To learn from his older brother Andy the barbering trade
In Millstreet Town he lived and worked and stayed
Until the Reaper on him paid the call
The Reaper who will one day claim us all
Our prime goes fast we soon grow old and die
And the one who claimed him will claim you and I.
He often went to Millstreet church to pray
And only good of others he did say
A man who never made an enemy
And few as good or as honourable as he.
A great character in his own quiet way
A new joke or two for his customers each day
As he clipped their hair them he did entertain
His type of man we may not see again.
As an authority on greyhounds in Millstreet he knew renown
One of the wisest people in his old Duhallow Town
In the burial field in the Tanyard with the departed he will lay
But fond memories of Tim the Barber will live beyond today.

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