Lying under the rubble and debris
Of the terracotta temples,
The mounds of earth
Where there lay the ruins
Of the temples dilapidated and fallen,
Earthed and buried deep,
Ay, from the columns and pillars,
The foundation stone of the temples,
The statue emerging out,
A golden statue of Radha and Krishna
Standing on a lotus
And with a flute,
How to hold it into the hands,
How to behold it
The statue historical, museumlogical,
Artistic and metallic,
A specimen of craftsmanship!
How the hands which crafted the golden statue
And polished black
Or grew it blackly
Lying under the earth,
Into the debris and ruins
Of the terracotta temples
Made from limestone powder and small bricks
Centuries ago,
The small-small temples
With the thick pillars and lower roofs,
When the cement was not,
How the masons who made the temples,
Centuries ago,
Dating back to,
How the possessors of the statue,
Ay, the golden statue of Radha and Krishna,
How the priests worshipping
Or the people worshipping personally,
O, the statue of the museum,
The thing of historiography,
Archival studies,
Am I viewing,
Holding the antique statue into my hands!

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