It is staring eye with lot many questions
It may not set in with good equations
Can world be explored with one eye vision?
Will it make enough probes with comparison?
Can it make in roads with complete liaison?
I think it may not be best way or suitable option
I was amused at the use of one eye by a friend
She was visionary and saw it with horrible end
The world was not the same to live and enjoy
She imagined it as beautiful place and full of joy
Something was still missing and her eyes refused to believe
She was not contended with and did make her to relieve
The love corner was occupied with hatred and prejudice
The holy feelings were taken over and termed as merchandise
She tried to close one eye and observe it with one eye
There was misuse of everything and everywhere and could not question why?
Her eye was moving in all the direction to find an easy answer
No one could satisfy her and found nothing from viewer
It was her hunt for noble cause
I was definitely peace mission because
An eye could penetrate and search for solution
It was firm decision and had come with strong resolution
One eye had limited scope to cover the area
The closed eye was blocking the plea
There was complete dark at the base
This was happening under the nose
Something she was unable to perform or observe
She was going for it with all the energy in reserve
She had firm belief that world may wake to the reality
She may find the world with tolerance as main quality
How many wars have been fought and won?
Have they bettered the world or helped any one?
Why does my eye must see the intolerance and hatred?
Is it considered as noble, desirable and sacred?
She decided to close one eye forever
She had option to visualize however
She did it for entire world to shun the violence
They needed the world to be observed through lance
How many peace loving people may be living with such noble aim?
Who can remain aloof from all consideration and still not claim?
How many can observe self imposed discipline and visualize the scene?
Will it be worth while to watch the people loving each other and seen?

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