A World I Dream

I dream of a plant, where
Candy apples dangle on low branches
So all kids can have a taste
Of the bliss of sweetness there

I dream of a tree
Where its leaves are peppermint cream
Why yes, it’s free
And it’d fulfil every kiddie’s dream

I dream of a girl
Who perches atop a cream mare
Jade eyes and red curls
And tackles the world

I dream of a class
Where no one is an outcast
Where equality stands
On concrete new found land

I dream of a library
Where there is a book without words
But on the contrary
It will teach us the pen is the mightiest sword

I dream of a place
A secret maze
Hear the twinkling of silver bells?
Giggles of joyful child.

I dream of a meadow
Of crisp, clear emerald grass
Come, hop on my saddle
I’ll take you to see the stars through the looking glass.

I dream of a prairie
Of dancing daisies and poppies
In the sunset of ruby
They embrace the last rays of day

I dream of a world
With no war, no fights
Look up and see doves soar
Look up and see dazzling lights

I dream of a word
The peaceful one
The vibrant one
The one that knows no boundaries to learning
The one that’s crazily amazing
The one that’s absolutely astounding

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