as the Notre Dame
spiritful and and powerful
constant pleasure in her work
she is slender and lovely
her eyes have so much beauty
great is her authority
she has enormous diligency
never tired and always helpful
she is caring, loving and precise
she is never boasting,
but she is very wise
and always earliest to rise
everyday she fulfills her duty
she aimes to be a good mummy
that will complete her life and make her happy
she lost her daddy when she was one
she was the youngest of three girls
her mummy was oft gone
the nanny was caring instead of her mom
peaceful country, beautiful retreat, lovely house, a home
her beloved mom never remarried
a stepfather is not her own
the three girls were soonest full grown
then came the dirty damned second world war
no moments to light a bit or to soar
unimaginable explosions
she has a too caring and loving heart
the instant flight for The Enemy
she lost her glee and her identity
she was still too young
this war made her become an instant wreck
her heart and soul are broken
like a broken windowpane in myriad pieces
my deepest grief constantly
her body is very healthy
she lost her glee mentally
no matter in what condition
this is my rendition
to love and make her happy
together with my daddy and bro
despite her health
she wanted to bear kids
my bro and I are grateful perpetually
to God, to our beloved daddy and to she
my eternal loved mommy….
with caring love
your only daughter
who loves you still immensely.
Thursday 6 June 2019

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