Concern for women, children and hospital is forgotten!
Dogs of war sniff, snarl and shear bodies to pieces….;
Ever growing rage with vendetta escalates war endless!
Faith in human sympathy has lost its ground altogether.
God looks on all these inhuman, animal war very cool!
How can He be so cool and unconcerned about this?
Inspecting all He waits to see elimination for control!
Jails are filled with prisoners of war in alien lands;
Keeper of promise, dedicated soldiers try to escape
Leaving behind no trace of theirs in all cells there!
Many soldiers have vanished in the missions of war;
No one returns with full health losing friends ever
Openly live they as dead men walking on the earth!
Proud of their successes nations glorify with medals
Quite contrary to their will having nothing to feel well;
Renowned royals invite them for banquets insipid…!
Soldiers of war killing many and losing many dear ones
Trot on the earth as soul without human sole ever….
Unceremoniously accepting unanimous encomiums…!
Victory of soldiers are nothing before the loss of friends
Wars have brought them to bear with forever till the end;
Xerox of friends or clones too cannot be seen all life…!
Years of friendship of soldiers dear dead now they lose
Zeal to feel proud, joyful and fine as dead logs lying ever!

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