& ‘professional divans,’ they are confessing.
The air is thick with it,
the ears of analysts must be sticky.
Words fill the air above couches & hover there
hanging like smog. I imagine
impossible Steinberg scrolls,
unutterable sounds suspended in inked curlicues
while the Braque print & the innocuous Utrillo
look on look on look on.
My six analysts for example-
the sly Czech who tucked his shoelaces
under the tongues of his shoes,
the mistress of social work with orange hair,
the famous old german who said:
‘You sink, zerefore you are,’
the bouncy American who loved to talk dirty,
the bitchy widow of a famous theoretician,
& another-or was it two?-I have forgotten-
they rise like a Greek chorus in my dreams.
They reproach me for my messy life.
They do not offer to refund my money.
& the others-siblings for an hour or so-
ghosts whom I brushed in & out of the door.
Sometimes the couch was warm from their bodies.
Only our coats knew each other,
rubbing shoulders in the dark closet.

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