Immortal, shall remain always alive,
He can think, He can act and react, a limitless life with a limitless worth,
The compressed source of energy that is ancient,
The source of entire endless space,
Somewhere it’s indecent but mostly beautiful and descent,
To grace He is Grace and to glace He is Glace.
The black hole of black holes,
The immortal source of all that is mortal,
No age, no time, no direction and no poles,
Knows past, present, and future, Abstract Intellectual!
Though He is capable of touching us here and here,
Though He is capable of reading our thoughts,
Though He can control us everywhere,
But He is love and remains within our hearts,
As we allow our pets to be naughty within the limits,
But lock them behind the bars in an iron cage,
He enjoys our naughtiness, within limits He permits,
He wants to see us as a man neither a devil nor a sage.
‘The parable of His Light is
as if(I repeat as if)
there were a Niche and within it a lamp:
the Lamp enclosed in Glass:
the glass as it were a brilliant star:
lit from a blessed Tree.’
‘An Olive, neither of the East nor of the West,
whose Oil is well-nigh luminous,
though fire scarce touched it’:
Love is the niche and my heart is a lamp of no wrinkles,
My face is the glass that encloses my love,
My eyes are the sources of the brilliant twinkles,
In tolerance, and coexistence decomposes my love.
‘Light upon Light! Allah doth guide whom
He will to His Light:
Allah doth set forth Parables for men:
and Allah doth know all things.’
Inside my mortal body is my immortal light,
My soul is the light that enables me to think,
My body is mud and dirt but my soul is bright,
My Allah knows what I am and what I ink.

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