And improved upon
With your understanding of
Famine, floods, poverty, development and economics
Rather than your personal life
Punctuated by the arrival of three ladies,
Nanabaneeta Dev Sen
But the marriage broke as for your departure to foreign
And thereafter married you Eva Colorni in 1973
But she passed away untimely
And finally turned you to Rothschild
And the rest I do not know
And from Nabaneeta you had two daughter,
Namely, Antara and Nandana
And from Colorni who died of cancer,
Two children, Indrani and Kabir
And from Rothschild,
I do not know it all.
The credit also goes to those
Who made him the professor and head
Of the department of economics
At a very young age
And to your teachers
Who recognized and supported you
Think it, had they not,
What would it happened,
The JNU lobby too helped you grow
And the support of Rothschild too
And in the award to him,
I find the extension of the papers
Of so many talented Bengali economists
Who could have risen, but better served Bengal.

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