And though not classified as plentiful or not seen every where
They are not an endangered species and not known to be rare.
An eastern rosella perched on a sunlit tree
As beautiful a parrot as one might wish to see
I see them fairly regularly though not every day
And if I walk close to them they always fly away.
Were I quite a good writer and had I a way with words
I somehow might do justice to these beautiful birds
Of humans they seem wary and they do seem rather shy
But I envy them their beauty their freedom of the sky.
I know Mick this local fellow he keeps two in a cage
He found them starving in their nest at their late fledgeling stage
He said their parents must have fallen victims to a cat or bird of prey
And they’d die of hunger if I released them now so with me they must stay.
Their chirpings unmistakeable as they fly from tree to tree
The eastern rosellas so beautiful and free
They lay pale grey eggs in hollow log in mid Winter through Spring
And the artists paint their beauty and the poets about them sing.

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