so I’m packing you up. She said.
Her words hurt me as I walked away
that I still remember them to this day
They are an understatement
because you do not love someone
and then push them away.
However, that happened a long time ago
and I’d like to thank her
as strange as that may seem.
Her breaking my heart that night
led me to what I do best today.
She never knew it, but what she did
I will be always grateful for.
Its funny how in tragedy
a better life can inspire
and so it was the case in me.
1 November 2011
Author’s Note:
If anyone who reads this and knows Joyce (Joy) Knapp who lived in Lower Derby Road, Stamshaw, Portsmouth in the early 1960’s, and worked in the pay office of Hinchley Engineering Company. Would you thank her from me.

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