and yes the fires of Stonehenge,
and the medieval forests.
wooden ships sailing
on seas mapped by loss,
even Atlantis, but a memory.
Rome burned,
fed by the bodies of pride.
and men cut trees
until there were none.
a simple carpenter
reclaimed love by cost…
and bodhisattvas bore
the suffering of many.
men created god
in the image of man.
with war on his breath,
the color drained from his face.
destroyed the books and the temples
of the sacred feminine…
and so lost their hearts
in the shells of their egos…
feeding and gorging,
and bartering souls.
and the price of flesh
became the way.
they mined the earth,
pumped oil from the sands,
and defiled their oceans,
until there were none.
and Mother Earth wept,
the wind hid her face.
the womb closed,
the air stunk of death.
and the kingdoms of man,
crumbled and fell…
the gods of war,
turned away!
somewhere she waits,
her breasts on fire…
in the still darkness,
conceiving the dawn…
who will go?
and who will remain?
when the tides of time….

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