I’ve nothing but respect for him of course,
but struth I feel the same about a horse! ! ! !
What puzzles me and gives me sleepless nights,
is how the heck he found his Lady Love?
It’s proof to me again, because by rights
he should have been berated from above.
Ye Gods have seen his seven decades pass
and Jerry knows some went like rotten gas.
I know he pays attention more to life
since being blessed with her, a lovely wife.
I raise my glass and toast you in the name
of he who fearlessly still leads us well.
So let us goose-step boldly to the game
but tread with care and lightly, into Hell.
There is a reason, as you know to choose,
no loving women will be serving booze
up in that prim and proper place, my friend.
And you and I have needs up to the end.
A Very Happy Birthday to the best Warrior
in our Forces!

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