that is woven in
like fabric in the human life,
it nurtures all
does not discriminate
‘gainst wanton sin
and never tolerates
a stony wall
inside a heart in love
and touched by pain.
You are indeed my life,
my molecules,
you breathe into my lungs
drool in my mouth,
we have ignored all rules
and, like a knife
we cut through etiquette
and climb the rungs
into the Heavens, yes
immersing deep
and holding tight in strife
until we sleep.
My blood would falter soon
devoid of you,
we blow up our balloon
with air and dew,
fill it with song and wine
and drink our fill
I am perplexed, you’re mine
it is His will,
it must be destiny
ordained by whom?
If love can be defined
we have it all,
our path is surely lined
by oaks, so tall
that we can climb in joy
up to (you know)
and as the warm winds blow
this flowerboy
and you my precious sweet
make no demands,
’tis surely is enough
be holding hands.

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