An inflated blood-pressure
A racing heart
As a rage beyond measure,
Threatens to rip the lands apart

Knitted brows and a fiery glare
Her red-lips curl in ultimate hate
An inferno-encapsulated stare
Sears my innards and seals my fate

Sizzling with wrath like hot, scalding oil
Those eyes radiate icy lethality
Her face contorts like a crumpled foil
On the brink of a blast of insanity

Our gazes interlock and she disposed of the key
Sinking razor heels on her hot-pink carpet
Wrapping her imminent tentacles around me
Draining every molecule of oxygen I had

The rude shock that shattered her dream
Drowned by the unleashed wave of tears
A clear make-up dissolving stream
Exposing her to her deepest fears

She squeezed my hand hard and tight
Buried hopes and broken visions
Two stranger meteorites did collide
Much to her utmost disappointment

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