Few steps away to root out corruption
If things go with support without interruption
People can tolerate maximum
They have zero power tolerance and can bear to minimum
The elasticity can loose its sensitivity
If compromised with its quality
No tyranny can last long ever
People may not forget it forever
When chance come to strike
Tyrants has to flee and take firs flight
One voice is sufficient
To raise the banner and message be sent
It may create the ripples in enemy circle
They might now have sensed the trouble
This is how revolution takes place
It is for survival and not for any race
Popular will is against the misrule
They can’t make everybody fool
Country must come first above everything
Its unique stand and pride is meant for something
No matter how much sacrifice we have to give?
Else our future generation may not forgive
The holy soil always wants sacrifice
A stable stand and with full of promises
That land may remain sacred and for all
The poor and deprived ones must receive attention and call
We can do even without meals
But they should not make move to steal
On our freedom and hard won liberty
At the cost of our inability and poverty
We may die for honor
But not for corruption and dishonor
They must get warning signal
That there may be unpleasant situation on arrival
Let there be good sense and prevail
All systems may not work and fail
We stand together for it not to succeed
They must pay the respect and heed

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