Are you the same people who once turned
the godless into true believers?
Once your takbir loudly rang
in Asia, Europe and Africa,
once your victorious flags proudly fluttered
in their skies.
Once Persian, Rome and other empires
crumbled into pieces before your naked swords.
Those were the days when your caliphs
lived on dry bread and a few dates,
and ruled over half the world
with confident ease.
Your prophet, though the lord
of a mighty empire
lived then like a noble ascetic,
while today you lie in luxury’s quagmire.
Forgetting lion-cubs you now live with foxes.
Who can say if you will rise again
and once more make the world quake
with your ringing footsteps!
[Original: Bhubon-joyi tora ki hay; Translation: Kabir Chowdhury]

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