When a friend is hurt, what can you do?
Show your support let them cry to you
A stupid boy causes so much pain
She calls him god but we call him Kane
Time after time we watch you cry,
Because you’re so scared to tell him goodbye,
You love him, he loves you, but causes you so much hurt,
Like a kick to the stomach with a fist full of dirt
We tell you you’re better without him there
Find someone new to love you who cares,
I know it’s easier said than done
You just have to let go, trust us and run,
When you’re happy, lively, older and this is no longer new
You can look back and see that what we said was true,
You deserve better than he can give you, you see,
Someone who has to same values as you and me,
Who knows how to cuddle and stop all the tears?
Someone your friends can stand to be near
To send you cute messages all through the day
Who will sit and listen to every word that you say
You deserve it without a shadow of a doubt
You need to show that beautiful smile without the painful pout,
Now I’m rambling i can never end these words
But always know you have your friends, those helpful birds
To beat up the boys who knock you down
To get drunk with on a Saturday or to take you to town
To ring up to chat or cry to what do you say
Do what’s good for you and be smiling that beautiful smile every day.

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