Writing for the sake of writing will not do any good;
Fighting for the sake of fighting will end in destruction!
Objective, productivity, construction and good result
Ever are connected together for implementation of plan
With a programme to execute things to achieve benefit
For all connected in the business anywhere in the world!
There will be interest that drives the work to be done well
To see a great outcome bringing joy and satisfaction after
The completion of a work, inventive or creative, with some
Mission to see a result all have wished for, planned and done!
War is also a work with an objective to bring peace and joy,
If the cause and reason for war is justified needing correction
To set-right a setback that have been bringing bitterness long;
But if war is waged out of failures of past, will end in total failure!
Destruction and protraction of frustration will not fetch any good
Till realization comes to go by reality accepting fact sans regret!
Desire should be based on what one deserves and not what one feels
Sans any reason or rhyme as it will be only a dog in the manger…!

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