Can there be anyone not liking fruits now?
Delight to take fruits all enjoy good health;
Everywhere all kinds of fruits are for sales;
Fun of the season begins with sweet fruits.
Gathering all flowers and fruits one is delighted;
Having fun with friends on holidays begins now;
Independence day, Krishna’s, Ganesha ‘s birthdays come;
Joyful days one after the other surely are enjoyable!
Keeping up programme schedules is very trying;
Life enjoyed by so many fun times is indeed a boon!
Many have a nice time with the dear ones in this way;
No one is left behind to be enlisted in these fun times.
Openly all greet everywhere to celebrate festivals;
Purpose of all festivals is to unite people for good sure!
Quite a few only seeks seclusion to get peace they long;
Royal families to ordinary men gather for good in festivals.
Stimulated by collective joy all forget enmities to be friends;
True happiness in life really begins only through such festivals;
Universal brotherhood is developed only by such gatherings.
Various groups of programmes unite to enjoy fun collectively;
What a joy and fun society gets through these programmes!
X or Y or Z is not seen as stranger when all gather for fun.
Yearly festival holidays bring all together to develop friendship;
Zeal of mass unity really makes all feel world is one family!

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