In the days before
man’s thirst for meat,
way back in the Garden of Eden,
Adam and Eve lived on fruit
they could pick from vines and trees.
They grew healthy and wise
until the Devil tempted Eve
to give Adam an apple and
the destruction Eden began.
Most creatures on earth
at one time or another eat fruit,
from insects to bears
even the creatures in the sea
will take a bite when they can.
The most natural food
God gave to man.
From pirates to pilots
will eat it when they can,
so why don’t you try some fruit today?
23 November 2013
Fruit Kebab or Fruit on a Stick
This recipe is ideal for a party or a barbeque. It is simple and very tasty. There is no cooking involved.
Basic Ingredients: (these can vary to your own taste. With all the amounts are up to you.)
1 Serving plate
Kebab sticks (Depends on the amount you want to make.)
1 tin of Fruit Cocktail or Fruit Salad
1 tin of Pineapple Chunks
Strain fruit in the tins, but keep the juice. Allow them to remain in the strainer while you prepare the other fruits. Wash and dry the apple(s) and cut them into halves then slice them down to however thick you want them. Peel the Bananas and slice them down as thick as you like. Wash and remove Grapes and you are ready to start.
Place a cherry from the strained tin fruit and slide it to the centre of the stick. Taking two pieces of the same fruit you have cut and slide one either side of the cherry. Repeat the process with whatever fruit you want varying the different fruit each time until the stick is full. You can use any combination of fruits that choice is yours.
Place each filled stick on the serving plate until you have the number you require.
The juice from the tins can be added with apple juice and fresh orange juice to make a nice fruit punch.
A couple of other fruits that can be use are: tangerines, passion fruit. The choice is up to you.
The only advice I can give you is after you have done all the kebabs is have one yourself because once your guests taste them there will be none left.

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