World history tells of love and danger of beauty to all;
Yet, beauty is truth – truth beauty says a romantic poet!
Beauty is changeable by time, but it is frozen by art
To prove beauty of art as permanent to make beauty true
And lasting, inspiring and instructing so many meanings to
So many according to each one’s state of mind and heart!
Cleopatra’s beauty was a serpentine beauty that swayed and
Killed emperor and soldier friend in Rome and in Egypt
Leading to the suicide of her by herself with the bite of
Venous snake of Egypt and making it an indelible history!
In India, beautiful queen Padmavathi to maintain her honour
And pride of roayal heritage killed herself to stop the direct
Domination of a passionate Mohammedan King Alauddin Khilji
Telling historical truth of fortune and misfortune of beauty!
Yet, beauty of art, literature and poetry keep all amused
And at the same-time instructed by ideas of lasting values!

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