in the meantime they are mourning still
the death of their most honoured King of Siam
Mrs. Sirikit (beautiful name)is still alive, I reckon
the inhabitants are still mourning
I know that just to look at the flags
in Dutch we say’halfstok’,
meaning the flag has not reached the top
I took the flight to Suvarnabhumi
to see my only grandson again
and then………..?
to Ghana I´ve been a fortnight too
Ghana with its lovely fauna and flora
with its virgin beaches and white noises
thinking of Ghana, yeah I really miss this
and a lot more, methinks….
to fly in 2019…with a return ticket?
we have to pay for the better seats
handbagage is still free
for each luggage 80-Euro
100 Euro it will be after the booking
through the app it is 55 Euro
all payments must be doubled
since it´s a return-ticket
my son bought his tickets to Thai
still the same like mine to Ghana
he left the 2nd of June recently
but for everything it was still free
I regret now that I always buy tickets
in the nick of time!
this is really not sublime!
Now you know why I have Ghana in my mind
the flight was 8 hours only
everything for the flight were still free
now it´s quite a distance 11 hours to Suvarnabhumi
the seats for return tickets 2x 60 Euro not free
for the luggage twice the price of 100 Euro not free either
as a mother and grandmother
I really don´t bother
must I pay, then of course I will pay
to be able to see my grandson again, yay!
what I regretted
is the fact I have a bad habit
I oft do everything
In the nick of time
this time it´s not so sublime….
Monday 5 August 2019
Dutch Time, Dutch Dawn
6.00 A.M.

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