I think of human deaths and destruction of industries.
How badly the economy of the world was shattered!
The two world wars made the greatest rapist an impotent
and as a result of the same the slave girls were freed.
Man at least started thinking that there should be no wars.
Deaths are not deadly it is fear of death that is deadly.
I have seen the charms of life and beauties of the world.
My children are now seeing the charms and beauties.
But my grandchildren are yet to see the life and the world.
So I am ready to face the atrocities of quarantines and lock downs.
In fact it is III World war that man is jointly fighting with the viruses.
Though fat boys are there but can’t be used against mini micro creatures!
Alas! Instead of wasting their resources on fat boys
man could have invented a vaccine effective against the viruses.
I read and recollect the first quarantine ever made
and it was Noah’s Arc.
Not only in the tomes of Abrahamic religions,
even in Hindu mythology I read love story of Manu and Shradha.
Let there be a lock down,
I shall read Omar Khayyam.
A piece of bread I have,
a cup of tea or black coffee is enough.
I am a Manu and my Shradha is with me.
Moon and stars still shine on the sky,
I shall wait for a dawn when the sun rises
with an atmosphere that is free of corona.
Be it so, said a yogi in Kashi!
Let it be so My Lord, said the Bishop in Vatican City State!
Insha Allah (if God wishes so)prayed the man leading the prayers at Makkah!
The real Holy War in that everyone is on the same side,
The Christians, the Muslims, the Bushists, the Hindus and the Jews,
Communists and atheists have also joined the Holy War.
Wish you a happy and healthy life my grandchildren!
But stop playing outdoor games there are indoor games for you.

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