Come, one and all, look at that glorious sight and rejoice.
All through the entire creation
reverberates a single question;
‘Who has arrived?
With Kalima Shahadat on his lips,
who has arrived?
Blessed with God’s radiance, who has arrived’?
All the stars and plants bow down and ask;
Who has arrived?
The angels gaily sing;
Peace and God’s blessings be upon him,
for him they fling wide open all the doors of Paradise.
The prophet who gave up to man
the rights of man.
Who proclaimed. ‘There is no lord but Allah’.
Who wore for humanity’s sake
the mantle of poverty.
Who wiped out all distinctions between
the pauper and the prince
has arrived at last on this earth.
At last has appeared on the scene
the vision dreamt of by long suffering humanity.
And the whole world sings today
of man’s freedom and equality.
[Original in Bangla: Tora dekhe ja Amina mayer kole; Translation: Kabir Chowdhury]

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