What of children and youths the message of rains,
Has been read by all with no refrains!
Children are playing in the river on streets,
Grandmothers in kitchen for the tasty treats,
Running wildly and pushing their mates,
Innocent friendship that is free of hates,
In the muddy water that is flowing on the ground,
In water, muddy water, I see all around,
I see many boats of colorful papers,
Floating with boats the plastic wrappers,
A few are playing water ball in the rain,
Slipping and moaning but standing once again,
Street dogs running and barking in fun,
What an exciting romance sudden rains have spun.
Clouds have locked the sun for a day,
Dropping honey of love on the thirsty clay,
Sun sends cold winds to disperse the clouds,
The policemen failed to disperse the crowds,
Instead it attracted many bold and colorful females,
One followed by at least ten loving males.
The couples got a chance of loving in the day,
How helpless in love is excited clay.
Let them love and love and don’t disturb,
The days of youth are few but superb!
Why don’t you listen to the call of romance?
Why don’t you sing, why don’t you dance?
With a message of love the rains have come back,
A sick and shy is still off track,
He is dancing on the roof he is wild like the cloud,
Listen to the song he is singing so loud.
The old man busy in writing a poem,
Recollecting his memories of the past childhood,
Smiling on the days of lost youth-hood,
Imprisoned helplessly in the time’s iron cage,
Still enjoying the sudden rain fall,
His heart is free not not in a cage at all!
In a hot blanket this crooning is futile,
Get up sweetheart with the old style,
Wear pink and green the lovely contrast,
Climb on the roof and call back the past,
Let us join the youths let us sing and dance,
It’s a weather of romance, only romance!

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