Hope of journey is polished by love,
Train has arrived to its destination,
Few meters of distance left to platform,
Passing beside this green tree slowly,
Deep blue train is taking its bend.
Tracks are interlinked to change the way,
Branches of trees are eager to greet,
Grass, plants and trees are growing in joy,
Through windows of train facing tender wind,
Passengers are eager to meet green trees.
After getting-off in in the platform soon,
They will shake hands with green leaves,
Branches are bowing to welcome all,
Towards new destination train may move,
Just train is taking bend to arrive now.
Tender sunlight of a dreamy morning
Falling on train and trees with dream,
A creamy golden aura it has made,
This is lightly visible in perception,
Train is taking its bend of joy,
Light is greeting to this arrival.
© Kumarmani Mahakul,07 August 2018. All rights reserved.

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