Dr Antony Theodore

I want healing.

with your healing hand.Heal me now.You ask me ‘do you believe?Do you have enough faith? ‘I still doubt.I have many doubts.Seeing my thoughts, God tells:‘I cannot heal you now,you have to believe in me,in my healing power,in my great desire to be with you’.‘Believe in my love for you.Love yourself as you areand come to…

God Almighty,

your mercy is everlasting.You give us more grace.We rejoice in the hopeof the glory of God.Nothing is too difficult for You.Your love is incomparable.You are my all sufficient God,worthy of all praise and honor,my strong tower, my All in All!Graphic: REJOICE IN THE LORD – Evangelist Support Networkesnetwork.org)

We have moved from

into the kingdom of light.Our filthy covering of sinhas been replaced witha robe of righteousness.We have been transferredfrom an earthly position in-Adam,to a heavenly positioned in-Christ.We have left the family of Satanto become an eternallyadopted child of Godand joint-heirs with Christ.In Him we are seatedin heavenly places.(Graphic: Manuela Kohnen saved to Tanz Lobpreis -Pinterest)