This Life Is Real

I should’ve known this life
Was never a fantasy.
It was never a mere dream
But a bitter truth.

Its sweet days are numbered
And it’s terrors without limits.
Hardly does one remember
A beautiful, sunshiny day.

Yet the hailstorms are recorded
In the depth of our hearts.
Every sweet memory is tear mixed
But none of them to return.

Life seems like a very long trail
Of thorns and thistles.
Upon them, my feet bleed.
Yet it pains much lesser than my heart.

I can’t weep aloud
As for that emotion, I did lose.
But my heart weeps blood
From ceaseless wringing.

This is life, not an ecstasy.
This is life and it’s earnest
All I hope for is a moment
Before I cease to breath.

One that I would treasure.
‘A single moment of happiness.’

Hope’s Words

It seemed a day very pleasant
So fine in weather, beautiful in shades
Nothing seemed wrong
Except for the pain in my heart

Longing for a smile,
I cried to my bitter heart’s content
I drowned in my own tears,
With no hard hearts melted

It seemed that it didn’t matter
If I was alive or dead
Circumstances pointed dead
Despair shook me inside out

But the soft, celestial voice,
Yes, hope’s voice told me sweetly
‘Fear not, child, no matter what
You see or hear. I’ll see you through.’

I knew not before
That a thought could change
One forever for good
Yet, hope’s words did and
Thankful for them

They saved my heart from despair
And did save my life from
The very mouth of eternal damnation.

I Love Him

How could this be?
What a sweet sensation can
All of this be?

Every time I hear
The very sound of his name,
My heart skips its beat.

I hope in the deepest part
Of my desolate heart,
That we be one forever.

Let us be entwined together
By the most sacred and
Beautiful of emotions in this world.

Let us be inseparable until
Death does part us.

Even the very thought of him
Fills my eyes with
Bitter tears of despair.

Desperate, I am ‘cause
He’s faraway, a long way
Away from me.

He fills the dreams
Of my sleep.
Not one night passes without him.

My heart yearns to
Belong to him alone.
It knows not rest.

I love him and it will be so
Or let death take me away
If it can’t be so.

Let me not live another day
Without the hope of
Being his alone someday.

This be my wish
Until my dying day.

My Choice

Sitting within the comforts
My home offered me,
I wondered if I really
Ought to take this chance.

Life seemed brilliant
And safe as usual
Yet my heart yearned
To stand up for
What I truly believe in.

My mind pointed out
How comfortable I could
Live my life if I chose,
Tempting me to stay
Here in my comfort zone.

Yet the overwhelming pressure
My heart pressed me with
Made me stand to take risk

I took my steps
With all my strength.
I had to walk out
Into the darkest night.

I was out in the cold,
Dark and lonely world
All by myself.

The night held its terrors
For every traveler and
I was no exception.

Fear gripped me and
Shook me inside out.
Yet I knew I had to move on.

And I’m still, to this day,
Walking in the dark night
Looking for that light
Which will guide me
to my destiny.

What horrors wait for me
I care not for I’ve made
A choice that can’t be reversed.

Your Guardian Angel

Last night, I slept not
For you were in my mind.

I ponder everything
That happened between us,
Every single word you said.

Oh! How I wish I were
Your guardian angel
For an angel, you call me.

But I wish I could
Guard you under my wings.

You are the sweetest
Of all memories I
Ever had or will have.

You make me happy
Like no one else.

But I dreamt stealing
Into your room and
Kissing your cheek softly,
Perhaps, a butterfly kiss.

I haven’t seen you
Yet I knew you right away.

What I feel is not
Compassion or pity.
The substance is
Love, Dave, and I
Want you to realize it.

I say I love you
With all my heart.
There’s nothing I
Won’t do for you.
Be it my life.


I’m drenched by the rain,
Yet I’m not cold.
For I’m freezing inside
Of my heart.

They say you’ll never know
The worth of your eyes
When you have it.

So now, I think of the days
When he was next to me.
Those days when wouldn’t even
Grace him with a glance.

Oh! How I hate myself
For being so mean
When all he was to me
Was kind and good.

I ignored him and denied him
When I had them with me.
Finally, he waved his goodbye
When he could take it no more.

Like a fool, I, then,
Didn’t even care for a smile.

Now I’m standing here
All alone in this rain
And they all have deserted me.

Now I regret my pride
and I regret this life.
Something I do realize now.
What I’ve done, has been done
And can not be reversed.

I’d back in time
And right my wrongs
But I can’t.

In my folly, I’ve lost
A priceless treasure.

Therefore, I plead you, reader,
Never make my grevious mistake.
Angels come just once!

The Truth

I remember how we
Argued one day.

You told me true love existed
And I simply contradicted it.

You, obviously, challenged me
To prove myself right.

To that I replied, ‘Look into my eyes
And tell me if you can
Take me to a place
I’ve never been before,

To a place of pure bliss,
Where I’ll truly belong,

To people I’ll finally fit in,
Who’ll love me for me.’

You looked into my eyes
And swore you could.

And I swore I’d give you
Anything you asked for
If you truly could.

Days passed, months passed
And so did years.

You experimented with
All the truths you knew.

You exhausted all of your strength
To just prove your point.

But finally, here you are
Standing before me
With your head bowed down.

You’ve finally accepted
your defeat as well as the truth.

But all I do is
Embrace you and say,
‘I’m glad you found the truth.’

For your realisation of the truth
Is my greatest reward.

Another Day Without You

To think how far
You are from me
Pains my heart like
Nothing else in this world.

Each moment without you is like
Ice in my vein.
Each thought about you is like
Fire in my brain.

If ever love had but
A synonym to name
It would be your name
And your name alone.

Why fate separate us,
I know not
But I live with the hope
Of meeting you someday.

That day so glorious
When we become one
And one forever
To have and to hold.

To love and to live
And never leave each other
To share joy, sorrow
And every best of moments.

Oh! How I love you
My days and nights are sunk
In despair without your love

To think of it,
Another day without you
Is terrible as death itself

You’re the most beautiful
Of all things that my eyes
Ever beheld &will behold.

Forgetting My Dream

A beautiful dream you are,
Yet I know not what to do.
My heart is in a tumult.
I die for an answer.

Truth, yes, it’s bitter
But let me at least know
The bitterness that should be.
Can’t see through this fog
Or breath in this flood.

I feel like a fish
Gasping for breath on land.
I took shelter in
The dark of the night
Seeking refuge from
My disturbing enemy.

Little did I know
My worst enemy was
Inside of my brain.
It had captured my
Thoughts and my dreams.

And I, its pathetic victim
Have no way out.
I begged and whined
But to no effect.

I try forgetting you,
My dream so beautiful.
Yet, you turned out to be
Too beautiful to be
Forsaken forever.

Let Me Love You

You keep my light burning bright
Even in my darkest night.

You have me safe in your arms,
Now there is nothing I fear

I ceased breathing
The moment I beheld you.

The words that you once gave me
Keep my breath going on forever.

When I grieved, you solaced me,
With all hopes for a better future.

I’ve never met the likeness of you before.
And I’m sure I never will.

For you are unique and
the only one of your kind.

Far be it from me
To hurt you.

But let me love you
With all the love I’ve
Left in my heart.