Welcome, my friend, to the world
Of sorrow
Strife is your way and life
Your school.
You’ll find two teachers
Both pain and love.
Pain will teach you forbearance
And love, selflessness
With the sweat of your face,
Must you live.
With sorrow must you
Pass your life
You will find no eternal life
Nor will your short life
Death is a bitter necessity
Dust thou art and to dust
Will thou return?
Strife is short and will last
Only as long as you live
But another life
You will have
The choice to live that in pain
Or eternal happiness
Is yours to make.
A sincere well-wisher

P.S. Towards the end, my friend,
You will realize that
The spelling of life is “S-T-R-I-F-E”
A combination of struggle
And life

My Perfect Dream

Within the reach of my hands
Lay the desire of my heart

I was intoxicated by
His amazing beauty
And glorious face

The fire in his eyes
Held me its captive forever
And grabbed me closer to him

I melted into marrow
When I heard him speak
The words he spoke were like
Honey dripping down his lips
His smile, his laughter,
And everything about him
Made my heart leap inside of me.

His touch thrilled me
His kiss made me forget
Everything that ever existed

I was in his warm embrace
Encircled by his
Beautiful strong hands

It seemed like
Eternity and I was
Ready to be nothing

Then reality shook my senses
The realization of it being a mere dream
Left me heart broken as before

I had awaken from the most perfect
Of all dreams I dreamt
And I wish it would be true for
My destiny holds the key to its fulfillment.

I’M There

Hey little one, I love you so
There’s something I’ll tell you.

When I look at you and
Your childish ways,
I’m constantly reminded of
My innocent childhood.

How I once was
Free and thoughtless.
I didn’t know
The cares of the world.

The way you prance about,
The way you skip and dance,
The way you chatter ceaselessly
Brings tears to my eyes.

One day, my child, you’ll realize
How hard and difficult life is.
When an innocent word you utter
Will be held against you.

How every good deed of yours
Goes in vain.
But be not worried, my little angel,
For I am with you.

I’ve walked up this thorn filled road
And I’ll see you through.

Just hold my hands and stay close by
For when the road’s rough,
Without knowing, you’ll already be
Up in m loving arms.

With me, you are safe.
No more fear for your little heart.
I’ve bore the scars of this life,
Now all I care about is you.

Remember, however hard you have it,
I am there, right next to you.

One More Chance

One day in a year
I met you and
Then started my
Never ending woes.

I never chose you.
You were imposed on me
By those who should’ve
Protected me from dangers.

Regrets after regrets
made my days.
You had an innocent twin
Yet I was left with you.

And one day you were accused
Of a terrible crime and I
Confronted like I should.

Bruises, blows and blood
Followed as expected

Now my guardians felt an urge
To protect me from you
And did try to their core.

I was unharmed and in bliss
Until all the accusations
against you proved wrong.

After all your twin wasn’t
As good as was thought.

Yet I wouldn’t take a chance
And be with you.
So I bid you my good bye
Happier than ever.

I cheerfully strode to the door
To begin anew.

That’s when you stopped me
And begged for another chance.

How could I refuse when you
Held me in your arms so sweetly?

Now, I give you this,
One More Chance.
Use it wisely, please
For I have no strength left
To endure any more blows.

Thank You

The thought of being useless
Haunted me day and night.

I dreamt on and on
Yet nothing came to pass.

I held my problems
Greater than anything else
Until I met you, my friend.

Life is harder for others,
I do realize now.

You taught me
My trials are nothing.

You showed me how
Foolish my whining is.

I, shamefully, realize
How nothing I am.

I truly acknowledge
How undeserving I’ve been
For all the blessings
I’ve been granted
When the most deserving
Are in pain.

And you, my brother,
Is one among them.

You taught me
To be beneficial.

You gave me
The heart to help.

I can’t thank you enough
Ever in my life.

Yet ‘Thank You’
From the bottom of my heart.

The Mirage

I closed my eyes
And my mind wandered.

I entered a world
Not perceived naturally.

It was ethereal and
Beautiful beyond compare.

There was chill in the air
That was soothing.

Suddenly, I was wrapped
In a pair of beautifully
Perfect arms’ embrace.

There, I saw his beautiful face
That I have beheld before.

I remembered the warmth
Of his sweet smile.

His lovely lips spread
A smile that lit up
My lonely, cold world.

Tears flooded my eyes.
My heart overflowed with
Joy that knew no bounds.

Then all so quick, he faded away
Without even a sweet word.

Even before I could say
How much I loved him.

He was gone forever,
My beautiful mirage.

A mirage, I call him.
‘Cause he only exists in
The deepest parts of
My heart and my brain.

Still Waiting

The night sky couldn’t be
More beautiful than this.

Innumerable stars glowed
Bright as jewels on a
Wide spread black cashmere.

It was calm and serene,
So it seemed out of my window.

There was a chill in the air.
And a sweet scent, did it carry.

Yes, the scent of magnolia, it was
That bloomed at this hour of night.

Wide awake, I stayed all night,
Waiting for you in my room.

Thinking you’ll be, at any moment
Here beside, holding me.

The night seemed flawless
And it was loveliest of all.

The only thing that
Left my night imperfect
Was your absence.

I waited for long
To listen to your voice.

My heart yearned
To hear your footsteps
Outside my door.

Here I am, still
Waiting for you
To come to me
And belong to me.

The Sky To My Life

If there was ever an evening
I’d call the most beautiful
Of all I’ve ever seen,
Today did it come.

The beautiful blue sky
Glistened like a glass goblet
With clouds as white as doves
Moving as if by command.

But without much delay
To great dismay did come
The dark clouds that overshadowed
My magnificent and awesome sky.

Bringing down sorrow
Upon me by at first
Hiding those pure clouds
And then defiling them.

I stared and wondered
At the once beautiful sky
Only to realize that the sky
Reflected my very life.

With all the prospect of bliss destroyed,
My cup of living water dashed off,
My hopeful plans thwarted,
Leaving me bereft of everything.

Tell me, My Gentle Beloved,
What am I to do?
Is this the life I have to live?
Far from your sunshine?

Gloom fills my days and
Tears see my nights through.
It doesn’t matter to you
How much ever I cry.

You don’t even know my name
Or even know I exist.
But with flames of love burning
Within my heart, I’ll live
To the end of my living days.

I can never bring myself
To forget you even if
Necessity requires it
Of me and my heart.

‘Cause I depend on you
For the happiness I crave.

The Haze

My sky was dark
With no prospect of sunshine.

Even starlight hid behind
The thickest mass of ill-omened clouds.

It saw only night.
Day was a myth.

Life looked like an unending question
With no absolute reply.

Despair filled my heart
And my eyes filled to their brim.

Bitter tears drenched me
Yet no solution showed itself.

But something did give me
The hope to go on.

Even the darkest of all nights
Could not hide that fire.

That thing I knew not what then
Let me stand firm on the ground.

It was beyond my gaze
Far from my imagination.

That one source of all my happiness
Hid behind a haze.

And the haze held the man I loved,
The reason of my existence behind it.

Constant Strife

My feelings are strange
To my own heart.

I ponder and ponder
To find I’ll never
Know the reason why.

The sky looks the same
So does my habitat.

But deep inside I find
Something is changed.

And the change, it is
The strangest and the greatest
I ever experienced.

I am caught up
In a fight, the very fight
Between hope and despair.

For God, I plead
There be an end to it.

‘Cause I can’t take it
Even a moment more.

I begged despair
And did plead to hope
To stop this war.

Yet they play with my life
As if it were a mere plaything.

And none of them ready
To step down for me.