Going Home

Heading home is like
Plunging into a pool of memories
The old photos, the dusty bike,
Makes one smile, unwittingly

As a child,
I bet I was very wild
I sat in my crib, laughing
Parading my toothless grin, flailing
Chubby arms, spilling food everywhere
Like a sprinkler, targets anywhere

My first prom is forever framed,
In a golden, rosette border, somewhere far away
Sparkling lights, warm hugs, best wishes, gently fade
But it feels as if it’s only yesterday

Now, I gingerly insert my 2nd grad night
A symbolism of how dreams will take flight
Makeup, tuxes, laughter, disco lights,
Pats on my shoulder, saying your route is right.
We wish you all the best for your future so bright
We’ll be friends forever, but for now, goodbye.

I clean off the specks of light, gray dust.
There, in a frame, smiles captured for eternity
2 years,730 days,17520 hours, is really just
Not enough, to call it forever, to end it
It makes me empty, sad, and tears roll down
Like streams, rivers and oceans, I drown
Overwhelmed by the beauty of last time
Things, I can safely call ‘mine’

I end my dive in the waters of memories
But, I feel like staying forever
Permanently, replaying the vibrant party
I surfaced, yet I drowned in it.
Good times aren’t here to stay
One day, they quietly fade away.
But still, these things keep me warm inside
Joyful, ecstatic on the outside
Through all the times and tides, the blessed unrest
We have weaved a legacy that stood the test.

Team Commonwealth, United We Stand

United we stand
Hand in hand
On concrete new found land.
In friendship we will be
Team commonwealth, let us take the lead!

Wave your flags in the sky,
Let it soar up high.
Let the sun’s rays paint it golden,
Let your best wishes be spoken.
Weaved by the gentle wind of the morning
Into these flags are the tomorrows we are hoping.
With her thread of diamonds of the summer showers
Fragrance of the open prairie’s flowers
The maiden of light weaves our flags together,
And heart by heart, we are stronger!

United we stand
Hand in Hand
On concrete new found land.
Even in storms, we still bravely sail
Team Commonwealth, let us blaze the trail!

Let your hair be caressed by the morning’s ray
Let your heart, in love, forever stay.
Let it be kindled with the fire of truth,
Let it always remain in its best days of youth.
Open up your heart, let the sunshine in.
Hand in hand, we will forever sing

United we stand
Hand in hand
On concrete new found land.
I’m glad I got to know a friend who appreciates me.
Because team Commonwealth, we are family!

The Cell Phone

Pitter patter,
Don’t look out of the window, child
The world has gone wild.
For that isn’t the sound of rain.
Those are fingers sprinting on the fast lane.
It is not in a stadium.
The lane is on the cell phone screen.
No victor on the podium,
It’s just a bunch of texting teens.
I must warn you before I proceed.
That child, the world has already gone wild.
Cell phones grab the eyeballs of these teens
And smear that super-glue of hers, and brings these sticky things
Into her arms, never letting go.
And then, she seals their lips
And plant their hips
Onto the couch,
Making them slouch,
Wasting their lives staring at that little machine
And then, that sinister portal sucks out these vibrant souls
Replace it with ghouls,
And these teens will just keep on tapping
Internet surfing,
Child, don’t be amazed, for this is the world today.
Hear me out, mark the words I say.
Be wary when you get yourself that evil cell.
Or, do me a favour, crush it, and send it to hell.

Winter’s History

When the Snow Queen decides to turn her wrist
To take a peek at her watch
She exclaims ‘It’s time’, and gently release
The light mist, cascading a slow and chilly freeze
The auburn Earth decked with frothy frost
Then, the blooms of snow come waltzing down
All the way downstairs, right from heaven to town
Like it’s raining dandelion seeds
Pure, jolly and free
The lakes are armed with clear crystal capes
The snow queen with ice-diamonds on her nape
The world now awash with nothing but white
The gems of snow reflecting the sun’s morning light
As the Snow Queen heaves a sigh of content
All is ready for this year’s White Christmas Event.


I saw upon the television, a 7 year-old girl
Donning a puffy lilac dress with voluminous curls
Her innocent eyes may speak a thousand words
But those that drip from her mouth are far worse
“Granny says, in life as long as you get a good man
Then you are definitely in good hands.”
My blood boils as hot as the lava from Eyjafjallajokul
Who is so dense and utterly so cruel!
To poison young girls thinking they are meant to be wives
It is a drug that shall torture that special one for life.
She will grow up to have no dreams
Her mind a barren land, a polluted stream
Girls are not just meant to be wed
They should have their stand, and their points said
Girls can accomplish marvelous things too!
But, people use their little sinister syringes
Fill the barrel with a prejudice tinge
Slowly pushing the plunger, the virus manifests
The soft flesh gives way to the brutal needle and it spreads
Its tendrils wrapping around, crushing a delicate soul
And look at what they tell the guys?
You are going to be great, so aim high!
You are the next Bill Gates, US President, Beckham and all
As long as you work for it, it’d be yours so stand tall.
I am disgusted; I hate how things work in this world!
You mean girls are destined to be lesser beings?
Don’t you know girls do have feelings?
Why should they let sexism inhibit their aspirations!
Shackles to weigh them down, as boys stare in derision
That’s how patriarch is like; they rob girls to pay boys
I think it’s time to stand up to this nonsense
Girls should not die of preposterous sexism
She deserves a chance in all that she undertakes
She can do it too, but society robs her opportunity
Don’t listen to people when they say it’s up to fate
Girls are not dolls for one to dote upon and dress up
Girls were created to be strong! So chins up!
No, we are not child-bearing machines
We too are not revolting lust-inducing things
She is empowered to do so much more
But patriarch stops her, scared that she really can
Boys rush and fight to get the place she wished for
Tell me, how could your blood not boil in resent?
“But granny says, as long as I marry a good man,
I’ll be in good hands.
She says I have to dress sexy and be whiny
So that I can be a rich man’s little wifey.”
No my girl, you have gotten it all wrong
Girls aren’t sex symbols, that’s derogatory
Girls are capable of so much more
Cast all your inhibitions aside
Join me for this thrilling rebellious ride
Girls are just as good as boys
They can inspire and blaze the trail
Actually, she isn’t all that timid and frail
But people won’t know and they never will
If only society had given her a chance at all.

Of The Seven Deadly Sins- -Greed

The piercing, glimmering
Drop of lust, gingerly dangling,
From the corner of smoky eyes,
It paints the snow-hued sclera nitty-gritty green,
With envy, with something more than the
Gold strewn across a jewel studded desk.
They pile up, barely enough to feed the hunger
Within, it morphs into a surmount of anger,
Of something sinking its teeth into soft tender flesh,
The scorching, excruciating feeling, the need for a dash
To grab all within the universe, the Milky Way
To say the Earth belongs to me today.
But even that will not be enough to fill
A deep, dark, endless hole in hell
As greed knows no boundaries.

Sarcasm That Killed

The rotten eggs thrown in my show
The boos and the spits land on my face
To see my hard work, my spirit and soul
To be spat upon, is a nasty taste.

As if this was not enough,
I was made to stand, and to be laughed.
However, there’s something twice as bad.
Sarcasm that is, by far the worst I’ve had.

It’s not the direct way to say
I dislike you, please go away.
‘Roses are red, violets are blue,
Some shows are good, but some are eeew.’

It is the assassin in the dark,
Aiming closely at your chest
He slowly walks, quietly lurks,
A bead of sweat trickles down, dampening his vest.

And when he has the golden chance,
He jolts up, and pulls the trigger.
The bullet wheezes through the air
Ripping your heart apart like a cougar.

As if this was not enough,
The assassin is there to rub tons of salt.
Onto that open wound of yours, tough.
And stations there, grinning to himself.

It’s a slap in the face, a kick in the stomach.
A sucker-punch on the lower jaw.
I was blinded throughout the assault.
I can’t see who’s attacking me at all!

They leave me for dead,
They trot happily away.
A last kick on my head,
To make sure I’m gone by day.
To shut my mouth, so I cannot say.

Sarcasm is that very knife,
The blood stained one, that took my life.
If I had a chance to rebel
Sarcasm is the first to go to hell.

Welcome To My Life

Welcome to my life,
The life of an ugly girl.
Filled with bitterness and strife,
And how you’ll never be valued as a pearl.

You are the devil child,
With a face of moles, and heart so wild.
You are just way too loud,
You don’t fit in, so please get out.

You aren’t local, stay away from us.
Please shut your mouth, and go back, you must.
You don’t have manners at all,
You are the reason for our downfall.


Roses are red, violets are blue,
This kid is the ultimate ew.
She smells so pungent like filthy old socks,
I bet she is a dirty sow.

You selfish, green-eyed monstrous witch,
You shameless attention seeking bitch.
You deserve a special place in hell,
Where they rip you up, hang your organs up to sell.

You are the Creme de la Creme of hades,
You deserve to be in the shade.
You deserve no friends and elation,
You are the epitome of the seven deadly sins.

They look down on you, they glare at you.
Your jokes aren’t funny, looks like you’re insane.
Stay away, go near her at your own risk
Her face is in desperate need of a punch from a cold, hard fist.


Did god up there make a grave mistake?
To introduce me to the human race?

But hey, I believe that they are wrong,
They have sung the wrenched song
Of discrimination and hate
Of ignorance and immature, of late.

Those bullies out there who torment,
I will leave you one single comment.
What cowards are you, so chicken-hearted,
Despicable and dumb, so empty-minded.
Have you ever thought that if,
You were the victim, how you’re gonna live?

Those who got bullied, please stand strong.
Your smile will be the one that lives long
It doesn’t depend on who’s laughing now,
But it depends on who has the last laugh.
But hang in there, it will be tough.

Teens out there who wish to die,
Please do not think your life is a lie.
For god made you a special one,
To stand out like the midnight sun.

Let my story spur you on,
Feeling better? Then let’s move on.
For there’s a future ahead so bright,
By then, in joy, we will shout: ‘ welcome to my beautiful life! ‘


The velvet sweetness,
Of sugarcane fibre that’s full of richness.
Be wary though,
Too much candy can hurt you thorough.

The devil’s mallet,
The cause of the hole in your wallet.
Candies are dangerous,
Try at your own risk.

Don’t say I never warned you
You were to obstinate to be warned
If you’re not wary,
You’ll be sorry.

The Grand Confusion

Do you define it as courage?
Or is it a kind of outrage
Sparking off the blood-hued flares
Igniting all particles of wrath present in the air
Curses etched on the strips of little paper
Nailed into the cloth flesh of gnarled voodoo people
As the fire nibbles it up, leaving the edges grilled and charred.
Or does it spread a smile across one’s face
Reaching out an olive branch to the human race
Hallelujah, sparkling tears of joy roll down from war-weary eyes
It’s finally over. One can finally step home and enjoy the time of his life
Sipping a creamy cup of coffee, laughing out loud with his family’s company
In the comfort of a beige-themed living room, assuring peace will last eternally
As we shift our lens to the other perspective, see the other side
We hear footsteps. Feet dragged across the serene tomb, bisecting the icy riptide
Kneeling down on the soggy olive sand, then submitting numbly, refusing to fight
The watery grave that engulfed one’s love, he will never come back
Returned to one’s doorstep in a little box draped with the national flag
One’s life shattered with the sledgehammer of reality instantly
Fear, anguish, and irrationality gushes in overwhelmingly
Every breath is painful. One’s lungs punctured from pain.
Turning around, looking at him who enjoys his fruitful gains
An utter outrage of modesty of the dignity of one’s home
Bliss is history. All that ever was has now evolved into foam
A family destroyed. Someone’s life torn apart, what a blunt outrage
But to the triumphant soldier, this is the act of courage.