Holiday Boredom

Here I sit because I did not choose
To waste my life in the empty living room
But in actual fact, I had nothing much to loose
It was the holidays, and I was young

Here I lie because I did refrain
From squeezing into the sardine-packed train
Thinking of all those who breathe down my neck
Will send me into a nervous wreck

Here I decay because I did agree
To snack on Chips and watch TV
Until the sun’s down and the cows come home
I’ll still be forever alone

Here I type to avoid suspicion
From the librarian who took a curious peek
For someone to stare motionlessly at Google
Is a weird occurrence indeed

Here I stand upon the reception counter
To borrow a crystalized essence of thought
Maybe A Thousand Splendid Suns will brighten my day
And flush my boredom away

So here I start my little reverie
In the comfort of my turquoise-colored room
But no sooner will I’ll slip back into my shell
And be asleep until the next morning bell.

And thus I slouch because I did reject
The invitation to rave with the noisy, boisterous rest
A little fun is not time that was to lose
But it was holiday boredom, and I was young.

Finding Myself And Death Of Complacency

My passionate flame is reignited,
When I burnt my diary,
I saw the jacinth, red and golden flames.
They are just like the ones inside me.
Ablaze and dancing,
Frolicking, with nothing to worry.
My soul is ablaze like forests of maple in autumn.
Like Pentium magma seeping from the ground.
All hatred, jealousy and anger within me are sullen, worn. It has fallen
Asleep in eternity, never to make a sound.
Complacency was murdered, killed, decapitated.
She was burnt alive. I saw her skin rip, curl and bleed.
And out came the serpents, the sins and the greed.
I saw her struggle. I muted her lips dripping with gossip and hate.
Too bad and too late.
Sorry haters, but you can’t get me to submit to fate.
I crushed her ghost and snapped her bones.
She will never be coming back.
For I have killed her, with my bare hands.

Morning Blues

Stamping feet and furrowed brows,
There’s fury burning in her eyes.
A flood of tears build up now,
I knew I shouldn’t have told that lie

She catapulted the nearest thing at hand,
And shouted, screamed and wailed out loud.
It’s as if she was devil sent,
The inferno within her was raging wild.

She breaks down and wails,
And she lay on the floor.
‘I don’t want to hear your tales,
I’m not going there anymore! ‘

I appeased, negotiated and I coaxed,
I tried talking my sister into going to school.
And by the way that matters look,
To lie about how fun school was made me a fool.

Pouting lips and streaking tears,
Running down her soft, rosy cheeks
I’m entrusted to the toughest feat,
That is sending my sister to kindergarten.

Daily Rhymes

Stop for a while and notice,
The daily rhymes in our daily lives.
Here are just some in mine.

[Math class]
Integration, differentiation
Substitute the values, and do the calculation.

[Chemistry class]
Alkenes go through many reactions
Bromination, Hydrogenation
Hydration and Addition Polymerisation.
Every organic compound has a functional group,
Except for benzene which is a carbon loop.

[History class]
And so, our dear Hitler has gone
To do the thing few could’ve done,
Rising to the position of Fuehrer
Within a few years of his chancellor tenure.

[Before exams]
All the best
For your common test.
Do it with your heart
And here’s wishing you the best of luck.
C’mon man, take it easy,
Tensing up only makes you queasy.

You see, rhymes are in our daily lives.
They are not so hard to find.
If we can stop and hear their dancing,
It will definitely get you smiling.

Maiden Of Rain

Her dress is made of the diamonds of the sky
Her heels are made from the golden spears of morning light
She resides in the palace of clouds
She plays atop of the bridge of rainbow

When she wants to explore
She slips her toes into her golden shoes
She dons on her crystal cape
And a matching amulet on her nape.

She mounts her golden mare
And bolts down to the ground.
Many of us are afraid of the sound
When she whips her mare to go faster, faster…

She lands on a glass floor,
In an open moor.
She gets off and taps her heels on the floor,
Ready for a dance.

Pitter patter, the joyful sound
Of her heels on the ground,
As she tangoes, foxtrots, waltzing
Nobody can stop her dancing.

I will admire her golden shoes
I will love her dazzling dress
Her youthful steps on the stage of glass
Have weaved a memory that will forever last.

To My Dear, Slumber

Oh slumber
You’re a very interesting character.
You come when I’m in a rush
You leave when everything’s in a hush.
In the night,
You make me feel like I’m lying on tether
In daylight,
My bed is softer than the turtle dove’s feather.

Oh slumber
You’re a very interesting character.
Do visit me, in the new year,
Be sure to be here.
At the right time, please come.
Be my guest, you’re always welcome.