Ode 1957: An Intellectual

An intellectual is all the time showing off. Lovers dissolve and become bewildered. Intellectuals try not to drown,while the whole purpose of lovesis drowning. Intellectual inventways to rest, and then lie down~in those beds. Lovers feel ashamedof comforting ideas. You’ve seen a globof oil on water? That’s how a loversits with intellectuals, there, but alonein…


There Are A Hundred Kinds Of Prayer (Quatrain In Farsi With English Translation)

emrôz chô har rôz, kharâb-êm kharâbma-g’shâ dar andêsha-wo bar gîr rabâbSad gôna namâz-ast-o rukû`-ast-o sujûdân-râ ke jamâl-é dôst bâsh-ad miHrâb Today, like every day, we are ruined, ruined (by ‘wine’).Don’t open the door of worry, but take up the lute!There are a hundred kinds of prayer, bowing, and prostration6For the one whose prayer-niche, is the…