A Day To Remember

It was a clear, summer day
And the most beautiful one of
All her sisters before.

Everything seemed to be in joy
And I was no exception.
Rejoice, I did, to my heart’s content.

All my sorrows sank beneath
The buoyant sea of bliss.
Its daylight caressed me.

My eyes were opened to see
It’s beauty like never before.
Time seemed to pause before
Everything it stretched forth.

My mind wandered
Across the universe I
Existed in then.

It was filled with the most beautiful
Sweetest and strangest of sensations
I forgot every bit of my sadness.

My sky had cheerful prospects.
Yet of its fulfillment,
I did doubt in my heart.

Nature seemed to be in unison
With my heart’s joy.
Every creature seemed to be
A part of my glee.

But suddenly I realized
This day would never come again.
It would leave like her sisters who
Left their footprints in my heart.

I was filled with sorrow
‘Cause I’ll never see it again.
It would be like any other day
But a day to remember, it was.

Silence Is Beautiful

A heart conceives
What is right
When all it hears
Is the sound of the breeze.

When no human throat
Utters a word,
That is when it finds
The peace it desires.

I dare describe life
As chaotic as a sand storm.
Yet Silence never cease
To work it’s cure.

The world is at peace
When voices are unheard,
The sacred moments when
A man heeds to his heart.

To the voice that cries
Constantly in depths
Of his wavering heart.

In this world so in disorder,
What is rare is precious
And name it silence! ! !

In the end, a man
In his lifetime
Realizes how essential
Silence has come to exist.

All my lips could utter is
Hush! ! ! For a moment.
For Silence is beautiful! ! !


How could I only
Dream of you all night
Yet can not even
Behold you one moment?

The more I try
To come near you,
The farther you go
Away from me.

My love, how long
Should I dream of you
And be part of this
Strangest game ever?

I do love you
More than life
And will love you
Solely forever.

But if you are
Not the one for me,
Here I let go of
You for your own.

But to love another
I can not forever
I’ll dream of you
Until I cease to exist.

I, silently, wait for
That reply I ought to
Get from my maker
And yours for our good.

This is how, I guess,
It is supposed to be
You are to be unreachable
For me, for life.

I Don’T Care

You think you hold
the world in your hands.
But all you are is
A big nothing.

Your critical eyes
miss nothing except
All the flaws you
Yourself have.

You circle me like
a vulture, pointing out
Each and every fault
Of mine and you
Call me a tragedy.

I have flaws, I accept
But I don’t need you
To show me them
Every second in a day.

You call me a tragedy
And so am I.

The world could use
quite a few tragedies
To be interesting.

You try to drown me
In my own tears.
But sorry, not this time.

You roar like a lion
And I’m not moved
‘Cause I know you’re
Weaker than a cat.

Each time I ascend a step
You push me two lower.
But it won’t work anymore.

You go on critizing me
But this I want you to know.

Just three words.
‘I Don’t Care! ‘

You are welcome to bring
The sky down upon me
And I still won’t care.

My Fault, I Accept

I accept it, my fault.
I shouldn’t have
Even let you
Into my heart.

My folly, I agree
Made my life
Miserable than ever.
I simply can’t help it.

I am foolish,
It’s true.
I dream of you
All night long.

I tried with every
Bit of strength left
To stop loving you.

But I’ve faltered
Like all times.

I used to think
I was strong.

Thought I’d never
Fall love’s prey.

But this fatal love
Poisoned my thoughts.

It has spread like
A contaminating disease.

I yearn to be able
To cease loving you.

Yet the more I try,
With more strength does
Love hit my insides.

I don’t die
Or it would have
Died with me.

I live with pain
In my heart
Of never reaching
Where you are.

You make my heart
Pound louder with
Every glimpse of you.

It’s painful, I say
For someone like me.

I thought myself
Prudent enough.

But here, I prove myself
A fool in the matter of love.

What Am I To Do?

Whatever I do,
You find faults.

Never in my life
Have I done
One right thing.
You think so

Nothing I do ever
Satisfies your eyes
That scrutinizes me
24 hours in 7 days.

I am despicable
To you for reasons
Unknown to me.

You call me obstinate
When all I do is
Stand firm on what
I believe in.

I’d rather call
That persistence
And not obstinacy.

You loath me and
The very sight of me
Tears you apart.

You gnash your teeth
When I just walk in.

You stare at me
With enough fire of hatred
To burn me to ashes.

But this I always
Wanted to ask you.

What am I to do
To soften you
Towards this little girl?

What is it that
I have to do to
Make you not
Hate me this way?

I don’t want you to
Love me as yours.

But please cease
Seeing me as the most
Hateful of all creations.

It wouldn’t hurt
If you ignored me
And was not bent on
Seeing my utter destruction.

One Single Chance

Tell me, my beloved
You’ll not give up on life.

Tell me you’ll hope
For a better tomorrow.

Why does everything
Have to be so difficult?

I am persistent.
I’ll not let go
Of you to die.

You are in pain.
I do understand,
So am I.

I have a wounded heart
That will never heal.
Your rejection makes
The afflictions deeper.

Give me, but one chance
To try my luck.
Give me, but one chance
To prove my worth.

I never befitted
Those whom I loved.

I feel worthless and
Your words make me
Feel lower than ever.

All I ask of you is
To let me take
My chance, my risk.

Let me prove myself once
That’s all I ask of you.

I ask for one single chance
Grant it, please do.

For at least my life’s sake
For I feel useless.

An Advice

Look into your hearts, O men,
And count the good things
You ever thought for your fellow beings.

See for yourselves the harm
You have wrought for
Your brother in need.

Why are your hearts not melted
By anything you perceive
Around your own selves?

Why do you stay like
Mere gargoyles that never
Had a heart or a mouth?

A heart that was concerned
About someone else
And a mouth that opened
For justice’s sake.

Here, says Wisdom, “Open, O men
Your eyes to see your brother,

A heart to take in feelings of sympathy
And your mouths for yours and your brother’s justice.”

Prudence will tell you must
Befit Wisdom’s advice.

Let the wisest among you
Do so for goodness sake.

Inner Reflections

Never have I told myself
Life is but milk and roses.
I daren’t dream
Of what’s not real.

But can’t I hope that
Nothing’s impossible?
Is it just me or
is this earth round?

‘Cause it seems to have
No end where we can hault.
Terror always seems eternal
But bliss a mere mirage.

Tell me, My Beloved, this.
Is there really an answer?
Or is it just a myth I believe
To keep myself alive?

Little does one know
Of the future ahead.
And our past, we try
Forever to forget.

It feels like I am standing
At the edge of a cliff.
One foot forward and
I fall to my end, to those
Depths immeasureable.


I gaze out of the window
Yet I do not see anything.
My eyes are flooded with
Bitter tears of sorrow.

Time is said to be a healer
But it heaped coals on my head.
Fate buried me under
The dead leaves of trials.

Death stared me in my face.
It came closer to me than ever
I was muted by everything around.
No reply came to my lips.

I seek and ponder
Yet I am left answerless
Here I am, in this road
I stood years ago

But now I have the confidence
That I’ll pass through this.
I’ll triumph with hope
Burning in the deepest part
Of my very heart

Never will I turn back to
The path I once trailed
I live with hope in my heart
And strength in my veins.

God, help me reach that destiny
You have for me
Let peace be my guide along
This path I am born to trail.