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An Empty Threat – Poem by Robert Frost

I stay;But it isn’t as ifThere wasn’t always Hudson’s BayAnd the fur trade,A small skiffAnd a paddle blade. I can just see my tent pegged,And me on the floor,Cross-legged,And a trapper looking in at the doorWith furs to sell. His name’s Joe,Alias John,And between what he doesn’t knowAnd won’t tellAbout where Henry Hudson’s gone,I can’t

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The Generations of Men – Poem by Robert Frost

A governor it was proclaimed this time,When all who would come seeking in New HampshireAncestral memories might come together.And those of the name Stark gathered in Bow,A rock-strewn town where farming has fallen off,And sprout-lands flourish where the axe has gone.Someone had literally run to earthIn an old cellar hole in a by-roadThe origin of

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