bathing time is over.
Don’t you see your father orbiting us
watching and guarding his family
having an eye all around
the world is full of unknown enemies
and the worst of those enemies is the man.
We have precious ivories
and they have costly guns
nature is annoyed of their killings
and your father is annoyed of your bathing.
Beware of the animal that walks on two legs
and has spared his hands for the guns.
Beware of your stern but loving father
when he is over annoyed.
It’s nice and soothing to remain in water
during such a hot summer
when heat strokes melt the flush and bone
but our lives are more precious than fun and pleasure.
So you must come out now
I shall move to you at a safer place
Where there are not the greedy animals
who have deadly guns!
I love you my child,
so you must obey your loving mother.
Come out, please!
Come out of the pool.

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