Daily Rhymes

Stop for a while and notice,
The daily rhymes in our daily lives.
Here are just some in mine.

[Math class]
Integration, differentiation
Substitute the values, and do the calculation.

[Chemistry class]
Alkenes go through many reactions
Bromination, Hydrogenation
Hydration and Addition Polymerisation.
Every organic compound has a functional group,
Except for benzene which is a carbon loop.

[History class]
And so, our dear Hitler has gone
To do the thing few could’ve done,
Rising to the position of Fuehrer
Within a few years of his chancellor tenure.

[Before exams]
All the best
For your common test.
Do it with your heart
And here’s wishing you the best of luck.
C’mon man, take it easy,
Tensing up only makes you queasy.

You see, rhymes are in our daily lives.
They are not so hard to find.
If we can stop and hear their dancing,
It will definitely get you smiling.

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