For there can be no true reconciliation if,
People are not prepared to forgive and forget about the past!
Say it off!
Shed it off! !
Laugh it off! ! !
Well, some people do find it difficult to say, ‘I am sorry’;
Even when they are at fault!
In the future to come and in with the time to hold on,
For i have chosen the way on the right path;
And going through through tunnels and through the woods,
For my life is like the ‘Golden Tree’ next to you.
There is something extra for you and i,
But caring and sharing is all that matters a lot!
So come to terms with the past and,
Make room for the future!
For it is like the way the wind blows and,
Like the way that your love flows to my heart;
And i will be there for you always on this love.

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