Definition De La Beaux

Billions of billboards and floods of commercials
Bombard and pollute young minds and our values
Where social vices overwhelm visual material
So, what are standards of beauty and virtue?
Is beauty really only skin deep, let the young ones judge.
Lust and admiration, the thin line now smudged.
Confined to the short-lived artificial aesthetic lies
Limited to only the silver screen, but non-existent in real life
How can humans be so short-sighted and narrow minded
Looks are deceiving, what matters are one’s true colors inside
Bought into an illusion that exquisite features win everything
But sorry, those folks are wrong and reality is harsh.
Time flies and it’s forever gone, nothing’s ever built to last.
Superficial stuff fades, but authentic ones stay.
For the sake of money, people ruin themselves by scratch
Distorted ideals, warped principles and a hot-head
To be chic, to be a sexy lady, a perfect match
For some celebrity, refusing to be fed
Skeletally thin, malnourished and still upset
At her current weight, she says I’m too fat.
But she’ll never know that the magazine models,
Those slaves and puppets of fame and cash
Only appear as such because they are edited
Those special effects will be gone in a flash
Fake tans, ginormous silicone breasts and other procedures
To correct the human body to the impossible
Torture has a new name called Vanity.
Stereotypes root and corrode our vision
Why must a girl dress so scantily?
Killing her inside with 8-inch heels to feel confident
Why should she alter her face to look pretty?
Ripping her apart should there be an accident.
People, don’t laugh at her.
I guess that is the least you can do to aid her to improve.
She’s perfect in her own way. Why does she need to hide?
To mask her all-natural and wonderful side
Learn to respect, and tear down the nonsense.
Stand up for yourself, and be no one else.
You have a heart, soul and mind
Seek and you shall find
Go places, venture far, and don’t forsake your dreams
Burn the billboards, and delete those ads.
Television, ruins the nation
Unplug to media, and smile for one beautiful lifetime.

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