I gaze out of the window
Yet I do not see anything.
My eyes are flooded with
Bitter tears of sorrow.

Time is said to be a healer
But it heaped coals on my head.
Fate buried me under
The dead leaves of trials.

Death stared me in my face.
It came closer to me than ever
I was muted by everything around.
No reply came to my lips.

I seek and ponder
Yet I am left answerless
Here I am, in this road
I stood years ago

But now I have the confidence
That I’ll pass through this.
I’ll triumph with hope
Burning in the deepest part
Of my very heart

Never will I turn back to
The path I once trailed
I live with hope in my heart
And strength in my veins.

God, help me reach that destiny
You have for me
Let peace be my guide along
This path I am born to trail.

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