Shock, pressure, warning with threatening posture
So they think twice for any kind of retaliation in future
The message was intercepted at intelligence quarter
It was in no way comforting us or making better
It was another grand design to destabilize the region
There was no regard for community or religion
Some of the people are disgruntled lot and working against
There main aim is to crate the fanatics with no further interest
They want to have complete sway over domestic and international affairs
It is assumed unrealistic and not at all considered fair
Some of the hard core elements got unstinted support
They were allowed free entry at all ports
Their demand for destructive weapons was met
Now they have sealed the promoter’s fate
It has spread across globe as virus
No country is in position to put any trust
Everybody is feared of possible attack
Their population and national interest is at stake
No one can claim religious superiority on the basis of mere numbers
In some of the places they may be in minority or out numbered
Yet no one can force them to flee or face the eviction
It is very hard to assume such role with conviction
We have seen their suicide mission
They have no guilt for admission
They are not worried about their fate
They are ready to die without anything at stake
There is no route open for us to wipe them out
They must face worst possible rout
Either they should be annihilated completely
Or convinced to shed the path of violence willingly
They may realize the futility of wrong chosen path
The consequences and results may be dipterous aftermath
Let that be handled strictly without showing any mercy
But at the same time keeping option open for any emergency

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