For the young woman was very beautiful around you.
I will affirm your words,
I will affirm your love,
I will affirm your romance,
I will affirm your passion,
I will affirm your emotion,
I will affirm your kiss,
Like a vow to your maidservant.
‘I alone am left of all the prophets of Yahweh but,
The prophets of Baal number 450 men’!
Do not eat it raw nor boil it with water,
But only roast it on the fire;
Like the long sufferings of my journey with hopes and dreams.
Of all our possessions accumulated on this earth,
They will not follow us into the graves;
So let us help and love one another than hate.
Shola, you are like the stone of Zoheleth;
But my love towards you is very special.
Shola, you are the one!
And do remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy;
For i have come to learn many things on this earth.

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