Abandoning the mosque my leader comes this way
I hear him call.
At the end of worldlines,
For my prayers and fasting
I seek not of God
Heaven’s blessings.
As Qais loved Laili
And the world forgot,
As Farhad loved Shirin
And the world remembered not,
So do I love my God
With whom I have merged my lot.
The moth is not afraid of being burnt to death
It rushes to the fire.
The sea cannot quench the skylark’s thirst
The rain water does the bird desire.
The chakor pines for the moon
Though she is up in the sky.
The sunflower hungers for the sun
Though far far away does it lie.
In the same way do I seek my God,
No calculations make I.
[Original in Bangla: Khodar premer sharab piye; Translation: Kabir Chowdhury]

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