One world looks to be many nations
Separate by demarcation of boundaries!
Due to the differences in ideas of all,
God is called by many names, faiths and
Worshiped in many ways according to the
Cultures of various peoples forever…!
For maintaining peace and order in the world,
It was felt to bring all nations under the
rule of one ruler with the view to create
One world for all nations and people ever!
By religious conversions, it was tried to
Create one world order to bring about peace;
By military force in World Wars also, many
Times nations were tried to be ruled by one!
By one political ideology also, it was tried
To bring all nations under the control of one
Ruler to create One World State for all people
Only to meet with great failure in the past!
To rule the whole world with a lot of diversity
In all respects by one religion or one military
Force or one political ideology is like ruling
The world by a man of one book contrary to all!
Modernization of nations by knowledge and technology,
Civilization of mankind has opted for integrating
All nations for globalization of economy to share
All benefits by further globalization in all aspects!
Slowly perhaps after the formation of European Union,
Other unions of nations in other continents of the world
Would opt for One World Government under the aegis of
United Nations Organization as final solution for peace!

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