Fell into bed at eight and had no time
for R & R nor any other girl.
When school resumed I feared
that the acquired calluses would be
at best gazed at with some disdain.
And that they were, to my chagrin.
I metamorphed into a chaste and sober guy,
afraid of being dumped by lips that kissed.
Hence it was logical that we took walks
along the Mississippi banks, and in the snow,
submersed in silent mode, mile after frosty mile.
A week had passed when she woke up
to ask about the clouds on our horizon.
I mumbled of the sacredness of her soft skin,
in need of being kept, free of the blemishes
of blue collar worker’s hands, I held them high
to amplify my rationale. It made her smile.
That wistful smile which had attracted me that day
under fluorescent lights, when Gods had been too kind.
She took my heavy hand and placed it, lovingly
upon her breast. And then she kissed me once.
It was the grace of love I never did forget.

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